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Night Guards

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Night Guard designed for moderate to severe teeth grinding/bruxism. It is made of a hard acrylic layer on the outside for durability with a soft layer on the inside for comfort. (Lifespan 2-5+yrs, dependent on the degree of teeth grinding orbruxing)


Bruxism is the clenching together of both the upper and lower teeth during sleep. Clenching can cause pressure on the muscles, tissues, and other surrounding structures of the jaw and can cause headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, ear pain, tense muscles, and excessive wear on the teeth. Bruxism is a common problem and a custom nightgard can help relieve and often eliminate this symptoms.

To be truly effective, a nightgard must be custom made. We take a bite mold and makes an impression of the patient’s teeth. This will be used to create a custom nightguard that allows for proper teeth alignment. During the second appointment, the patient gives the nightguard a test run and the dentist makes any necessary adjustments.


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