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I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Afifi. She is very professional and honestly cares about you, the patient. I trust her decisions and recommendations, yet she does not oversell like other dentists I have gone to in the past. I am very pleased with her dental work. She definitely is a superb "craftsman." If you fear the dentist because you're afraid of pain, she's very gentle. Her staff is very friendly and courteous and always makes your visit a good experience. If you are in need of a great dentist, see Dr. Afifi; she is wonderful. I have highly recommended her to all my family and friends.

Ruth Pattern
Kent, WA

I began seeing Dr. Afifi when I moved to western Washington 8 years ago and I have been so pleased with her work and that of her staff. Even after my family moved to Puyallup from Kent I have continued to use Dr Afifi as my dentist. She is very thorough, detailed and caring in her approach to dentistry, which I have truly appreciated. Her staff is friendly, helpful and professional. I have truly enjoyed working with them. If you are looking for a dentist that is highly skilled, professional and comfortable, then you need to go see Dr. Afifi!

Steve Roche
Puyallup, WA

I have been seeing Dr. Afifi since 2002. What I love best about Dr. Afifi is she gives me options, lets me know what my insurance will cover then gives me her professional opinion. I appreciate being informed and given the necessary information to make the best decision for me. I also really love her good nature and kindness, which is reflected in her staff as well. She has a real passion for dentistry and it shows in her work.

Susan Brown
Kent, WA

When I first arrived at Dr. Afifi's offices I had not been to the dentist for a long time. I had bad teeth, a painful infection and I was worried about the type of care I would receive. I had a couple of bad experiences years ago.

Dr. Afifi allowed me to see her right away, evaluated my immediate problems and repaired the damage as soon as the infection subsided. That is what every one has the expectation of when they go to any dentist. The difference between Dr. Nadia and her staff and the other dentists I visited years ago is this; Thoughtful Patience. They take the time for the little things. Do I understand the procedure, am I comfortable, how do I feel, are we taking too long, are you feeling any pain, do you need to rest a minute, all that stuff. I even get a little pillow because of some work related neck issues.

Dr. Afifi is polite, soft spoken and not at all pushy about when I want to get the work done. I am glad that she and her staff are younger than I am. If none of them retire early I will never have to worry about finding someone to replace them

Thank you all!
John Henrickson
Skyway (Renton), WA

I have been Dr. Afifi's patient since 2002. If you are looking for a comprehensive and compassionate dental care you'll find it in Dr. Afifi. I trust her more than any other dentist I've ever had. She completely checks all your teeth. Then she clearly explains any problems she finds and then options for solutions. Dr. Afifi is one of the most kind people I have ever met. She does everything she can to make sure her patients do not experience any pain. I can't recommend her highly enouch. I am so glad Dr. Afifi is my dentist!

Dr. Afifi's staff is charming, totally competent and downright wonderful.

If you are like I was and don't like going to the dentist, Dr. Afifi and her staff can change your mind!

Dinah Day
Covington, WA

Although I have several referrals, it took me a while to find a good dentist in my area. I was glad when I found Dr. Nadia Afifi. During my first visit, I was nervous but felt comfortable and welcomed by her staff once I got there.

Dr. Afifi's services are outstanding and first class. She is competent, understanding and hard working. Her staff is courteous and professional and the dental office is clean and organized.

I have been her patient since 2008 and I will certainly not go somewhere else. Dr. Afifi and her staff treated me with respect and I received tons of TLC. I strongly recommend Dr. Nadia Afifi to any patients who need simple or complex dental work.

After all the dental work and teeth whitening, I am now cavity-free and the most important thing - a perfect smile. Thanks Dr. Afifi, you're the best!

Margarita Flores
Kent, WA

I have had five years of the best dental treatment ever!

Nadia's expertise and her staff's efficiency make a visit to the dentist pleasurable. A marvelous team.

Susan Davis
Kent, WA

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Afifi since 2001. I would recommend Dr. Afifi to anyone including children (my daughter was 3 years old when she first saw Dr. Afifi). The office is exceptionally clean, the staff is friendly and Dr. Afifi is the most professional and caring dentist who knows her job well.

We have been so pleased with our experience with Dr. Afifi.

The Raynaud Family
Covington, WA

Dr. Afifi and her staff are professional, courteous and helpful. Dr. Afifi is gentle and an artist at dentistry. I am please with Advance Dental Care. I cannot picture having another dentist besides Dr. Afifi

Derrick Rees
Kent, WA

Nadia Afifi, along with her entire staff have been a true blessing to me. As many do, I fear dentistry and do not look forward to examinations or procedures necessary. I stumbled across Dr. Afifi through an advertising periodical for brighter teeth. She was very close by and I was ready for a change from a previous dentist. Instantly, I was in love with her, the staff, the treatment and of much importance to me, my teeth. I have always been self-conscious of my fanged canines. Dr. Afifi, with all her expertise and concern, painlessly shaved them away and restored my confidence in my smile. I couldn't believe in my mid-life what a change it made in me. Everyone said they never noticed my fangs, but I did. I have recommended her to everyone I know, even strangers, family and friends thanks me over and over for the introduction. I love her.

Rebecca L. Conway
Kent, WA

I have been going to Nadia Afifi for at least three years now. I have had dentists in the past do work that I later found out was not necessary. Not with Nadia, we talk about the problem and my options and WE decide the best course of action and when it needs to be done. I have had dentists in the past send me to "specialists" for an extraction or other procedures; Nadia does all her own work and never sends me to a stranger. I have been in a chair crying because a deep cleaning hurts and have never been told to hold still so they can finish. Never with Nadia or her staff, I am properly sedated and if I need a minute to breathe or collect myself I am allowed. She and her staff treat me like I am there only priority. Everyone in the office is kind, warm and caring. And if you need to see her "Now, help, help" you are given an appointment, none of this, "well she has an opening next month." I am so glad I found her; I will never go to another dentist.

Jennifer M. Harris
Renton WA

I love the friendly and quality service I receive at Dr. Afifi's. They care about me any my teeth!

Jeanette Baran
Kent, WA

I moved from California to Kent about four years ago and tried a few dentists till I found Dr. Afifi. She is the best dentist I have ever had. Not only she genuinely cares about my dental health but also gave me the best plans to match my financial situation. I love her office and her staff who accommodated me every time.

mn321 (from dexknows.com )

Dr. Afifi is extremely professional and so very kind. I only stopped visiting her for my cleanings because I moved away. Her staff is helpful and friendly. If you're in south king county and in need of a great dentist, see doctor Afifi, she's wonderful.

P.S.- If you fear the dentist because you're afraid of pain, she's very gentle!

Coleena S. (from yelp.com )
Seattle, WA

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